Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Update on Campaign thus far

The resistance campaign is now into its fifth day. Thus far:

1. Over 3,500 people have visited the campaign website
2. Over 2,200 people have signed the supporters' petition
3. Over 350 MPs have so far received emails from constituents via the site asking them to sign the charter
4. Eleven news websites (including bbc online, guardian and telegraph) have run the story

We have updated the website yesterday with revolving pics on the homepage and will add accessibility features tomorrow (text size, contrast options). A facebook campaign page will be set up later this week and linked from the homepage.

We can help the campaign further by:

1. Linking to the petition page from our websites (44% of our visitors are currently coming to us via other websites) Biggest referring sites so far include Facebook, BBC, Yahoo, CNK, Not Dead Yet, Guardian
2. Drawing it to the attention of friends and networks and getting them to sign the petition and email their MPs
3. Following us on twitter and retweeting our tweets :-) -

Email us with:

1. Any web articles we can link or your own articles (3-500 words) which we can blog
2. Any feedback and replies from MPs
3. Any suggestions and feedback about the campaign
4. Any requests for free DVDs

Many thanks

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